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My thesis discusses the silent and verbal comics, comparing the construction of narratives and the themes that arise in both. Through these comparisons I identify the influence of the comic culture in both the US, UK and Franco, Belgian cultures on the development of the silent comics. My thesis question: “Beyond Words: is there a difference between the narratives and themes of the Bande Dessinée muette, from the French and Belgian schools and silent comics, the type read in US and UK?”.
The comparison between Anglophone silent comics and Franco/Belgian Bande Dessinée muette stems from my interest and research in finding ways to tell stories without words, and whether the language of drawing is universal. I used secondary sources and analyzed verbal and silent comic books of authors who are known within their genres. The results of my research are that, by comparing the verbal comic to the silent, one can conclude that lack of words does not mean necessarily equate to losing components of the story which only the verbal stories can provide for.
On the opposite, silent comics can be a powerful and universal media to tell a story and express emotions, often strengthening the narrative while stimulating the reader’s imagination. An analysis of the American market also suggest that American publishers should be more adventurous and trustful in the ability of their reader to be open and appreciate of the European style comics, particularly in the genre of the silent comics, as their theme and understanding are transcending the need for language.
You can read my thesis here.

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I designed a silent comic representing the challenge of completing the brief's requirement of including my entire written thesis in a dissertation written about silent comics. Taking influence from both cultures and showcasing attributes of a silent narrative highlighted in my essay.

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